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What is a Lead Magnet? #1 guide for Health & Wellness Coaches

WHAT IS A LEAD MAGNET? THE STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR COACHES Wondering What is a lead magnet? And how can I use this for my coaching business? Keep reading to learn more. Let me guess. You’ve started your coaching business online and keep thinking to yourself, “What is a lead magnet or freebie opt-in? …

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Goal Setting Must-Do’s For Healthy Entrepreneurs

goal setting health coach productive business

GOAL SETTING MUST DO’S FOR HEALTHY ENTREPRENEURS (CREATE SUCCESS!) As a health coach or do-good entrepreneur, you know that goal setting is essential for your clients.   But, let me ask you this: how often are you going through the motions of goal setting for your coaching business? A big part of your success as…

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3 Key Elements of An Effective Client Converting Wellness Website

For a client converting website, your wellness website doesn’t need to be perfect, but when you strive for perfection within your business, it makes sense to have a website that represents your brand. When you want a website that does just that, the purpose should be (as a business site) to draw, engage and convert…

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3 Ways to Connect & Engage With Your Ideal Coaching Clients Online

Just like most other fitness, health, business or wellbeing coach out there, you enjoy engaging with your following and potential clients online, and at times might wish you could do it better. Digital marketing is continually evolving, and ever-changing algorithms make the job of connecting with potential new clients a difficult one. Finding potential clients…

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