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goal setting must do for health coach

As a health coach or do-good entrepreneur, you know that goal setting is essential for your clients.


But, let me ask you this: how often are you going through the motions of goal setting for your coaching business?

A big part of your success as a coach is going to be setting yourself goals. 3, 6, and 12-month targets are great, but it’s time to get smaller.

As you know, when coaching your clients, smaller means more manageable and more comfortable to implement.

One trick l learned pretty quickly that gave me maximum success was to follow the smaller goal rule.


How does it work?

What you to do is start mapping out each month's tasks and have at least one core focus goal for each month for the rest of the year. This way, you can work towards getting the core goal accomplished, by doing the smaller tasks, which ultimately lead to your bigger goals.


How do you start? 

  • Take your pen and paper or put it in your digital calendar (do whatever you need to so that you can get it done).
  • Then for each goal you set for each month, write down 3 actions items or steps that you will do or take to reach that particular goal. This is crucial!


Here are some examples to get you going:

GOAL 1: Write an ebook.

3 action steps would be:

    • Pick the topic
    • Map out the essential content or chapters
    • Write the content

GOAL 2: Launch a group coaching program.

3 action steps would be:

    • Create the content
    • Market the content
    • Create a sales funnel


Start investing in your business.

When you feel frazzled or a little overwhelmed then maybe it’s time to start investing in your business. Do you need a Virtual assistant? Do you need to upgrade your email list to a paid account level? It doesn’t have to be a huge investment, just something to save you time and frustration and to take your business to the next level with a financial commitment. Even small! 


Start investing in yourself.

Each of us needs to grow to create success. Do you find you are limiting yourself in any way? Can you invest in any new educations that will benefit you and your business greatly? Your business needs you, and you need to evolve and grow continually, just like your coaching business.


Get support and accountability if you need it.

Find people who are on the same or similar path to you. People (like us!) who can move you forward, motivate you, and help keep that fire alight inside you because it can be tough doing it on your own. Find an accountability partner or someone to bounce ideas off. 


And finally...

Remember that the possibilities are endless when it comes to you and your business. You are only as good as your goals but don’t forget that just because you haven’t accomplished your goals yet, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Start to implement real change to start seeing real growth.

You’ve got this!

Kylie x




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