Crafting Digital Spaces
with Purpose and Passion


Crafting Digital Spaces
with Purpose and Passion

Hey! I'm Kylie Malcolm:

Hi! I'm Kylie,

...and I’m honored to share my journey with you.

From navigating the fast-paced world of corporate sales to embracing my passion for health, wellness, and web design, my path has been anything but ordinary.

Along the way, I’ve learned the importance of living with intention, the power of healing, and the joy of helping others shine online and offline.

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a little
about me.

I'm just a girl from Australia who dared to dream bigger, explore farther, and love deeper.

After years in the corporate realm, achieving goals many dream of, I discovered my true calling lies in the connection between wellness, spirituality and technology.

Whether it’s through teaching Reiki, coaching health enthusiasts, or crafting beautiful, meaningful websites, my aim is to make a little corner of the internet—and the world—a better place.

the (not-so)
secret mission.


Whether you’re a coach looking to make your mark, a do-good business aiming to amplify your impact, or simply someone on their journey to self-discovery, I’m here to help.

My businesses, from Template Websites to the Positive Impact Project, are all about making expert knowledge accessible, supporting growth, and ensuring every step we take together leaves a positive footprint on the planet.

Kylie Malcolm global mission

join the journey.

I believe in the power of stories to inspire, heal, and connect us. My story is made of many chapters—some bright, some challenging, but all leading me to where I stand today. And I’d love for you to be a part of the next chapter.

Whether you’re here for business insights, wellness tips, or just a bit of inspiration, I’m glad you’re here. Let’s make something beautiful and meaningful, together. Here's how:

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Template Websites
At Template Websites, we merge custom design quality with DIY simplicity, offering affordable website solutions for coaches, entrepreneurs, and do-good businesses. Our mission is to simplify quality web custom design, making it accessible to those who are working to make a difference in the world.

With every project, we empower small businesses to carve out their digital space with confidence, clarity, and creativity.

My role: Founder
Divinity Collective Co-founder

Divinity Collective
Your Path to Spiritual Wellness, Illuminated. Divinity Collective offers a sanctuary for those on their spiritual journey. Through energy healing, retreats, and holistic products, we guide individuals toward their own divine light, both online and in person on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Our collective is more than a business—it's a community where souls find support, growth, and healing.

My role: Co-Founder with Edita Hill
Positive Impact Project Co-founder

Positive Impact Project
Making Knowledge Accessible, One Sale at a Time. Launching in April 2024, the Positive Impact Project is a beacon for affordable expert knowledge, with a portion of every sale supporting causes that matter. We're on a mission to create waves of change, offering valuable knowledge at accessible rates.

Each purchase goes beyond knowledge, contributing to a larger mission of global betterment and support for worthy causes.

My role: Founder
Ask Us Beauty Partner

Ask Us Beauty Magazine
Ask Us Beauty is on a mission to redefine the beauty industry by featuring everyday beauties along side celebrities who are leaving a positive footprint on the world. Making real expert inner and outer beauty knowledge accessible to all to redefine the expectations in the industry.

Making the everyday beauty the hero, engaging a community of readers eager for depth and authenticity.

My role: Contributor, Web Designer & Business Strategy
Coaching Content Club Founder

Coaching Content Club
Done-For-You Content, Tailored for Coaches. Coaching Content Club is where time meets creativity. We provide plug-and-play content solutions for coaches, from blog posts to social media content, designed to save time, engage audiences, and amplify your message.

By handling the content creation, we enable coaches to focus on what they do best—coaching and transforming lives.

My role: Founder
Vivid Co Founder

Vivid Engagement
Understanding Customers, Crafting Loyalty. My husband and I combine our expertise to revolutionize how brands connect with their customers. Through loyalty strategies and customer-centric web design, we unveil the heart of brand engagement.

We're not just designing websites; we're building bridges between brands and their communities, fostering loyalty and understanding.

My role: Co-Founder

“Life taught me that true success comes from making a positive difference in the world—one project, one person, one action at a time.”

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Official Bio

"Kylie Malcolm's journey spans continents, industries, and the very fabric of wellness and digital design. With nearly a decade in corporate leadership, managing high-performing sales teams in the tech sector, Kylie's transition to entrepreneurship was fueled by a lifelong passion for health, wellness, and intuitive living. A Certified Advanced Reiki Master, Health Coach, and acclaimed Web Designer, she merges her corporate acumen with a holistic approach to support and mentor do-good businesses and individuals on their paths to success. Kylie’s mission extends beyond business; it's about creating a healthier, happier, and more positive world, one project at a time. Now living in Queensland, Australia, her global journey informs her approach, making her a revered figure in wellness and business circles alike."

want to get in touch?

I’m always excited to hear from fellow dreamers and doers. If you’re looking to collaborate, seeking advice, or simply want to say hi, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s make the world a healthier, happier, and more positive place, together.

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