3 Ways to Connect & Engage With Your Ideal Coaching Clients Online

Just like most other fitness, health, business or wellbeing coach out there, you enjoy engaging with your following and potential clients online, and at times might wish you could do it better.

Digital marketing is continually evolving, and ever-changing algorithms make the job of connecting with potential new clients a difficult one.

Finding potential clients has never been an easy thing to do, and the way that people connect in 2019 means that you have to constantly advance the way you do things to adapt to the way consumers consume.

Connection in itself is one of the biggest challenges you will ever have in any business.

Once you find the potential clients; however, you still need to engage with them and offer them exactly what they need, or you’ve just wasted your time.

Even the most engaging content won’t make everyone buy what you are selling, but there are certain things you can do to make the content more appealing, and more likely that someone will pay attention to it enough to take the next step. 

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You have to create content that people can understand AND relate to in order to convert those clients online. If you don’t connect with your audience in the right way, you might as well not be doing it at all. There are three main steps you can take to make your content
better, and only one of them is easy.


1. Understand the Demand for What you are putting out there

Knowing your target market, and what people want is your job. But you have to KNOW what people want to know, and then you can get people engaged. Having said that, you can’t understand what people want without doing extensive research.

This is the most crucial part to the success of your content reach, is to give content that people can relate to. There is no point creating a blog about something nobody wants to read about. Knowing your audience intimately will help.

2. Make your content look interesting

Creating content that has no visual appeal can hurt your business. People need to be stimulated now more than ever before. Quality images, infographics, video, and facts with links will help to engage your readers and also gain trust.

Creating this type of content can be difficult, well… it used to be. This brings us to step number three.

3. Save time with Done-For-You Content

In the case of creating highly engaging content, it can be challenging to find time to do research, create the marketing materials and send it out through campaigns.

But, we have a solution, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Kylie Malcolm’s Content Club takes all of the hassles out of creating engaging and highly informative online content.

Imagine having e-books, blog posts, guides, challenges, and programs all done-for-you in your health and wellness practice that actually gets you the engagement online AND makes you out to be the expert in the process.

You can check it out here


Now that you know you have to:

  • research,
  • create quality content – or better yet,
  • have content curated for you,

it should be a breeze building a tribe of followers willing to become your client.

Maintaining confidence in what you offer to the world plays a huge part, but creating the right mix of content that builds the trust, well, that is a trial and error process each of us has to play with.

What is your current client getting strategy to get clients? We’d love to know! Drop a comment below.