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Bespoke Coach Website Design with Kylie

Stunning custom designed coach website for health, wellness, speakers, practitioners, and coaches. It's time to have the online presence of your dreams.

The clients you ADORE are waiting for you. They just need to know you’re the right one for them.

And they’ll see that on your site when they see a style and a flair that only comes from a site customized and designed specifically for you


In a sea of coaches doing what you do, the design is THE way to capture their hearts as soon as they lay eyes on your site. The design is how you communicate who you are within the famed 3-second window you have to capture their attention when they land on the page.

Because it’s your visuals that help them decide to stay on your page.

Your brand. Your colors. Your presentation of the representation of who you are gives them a look into you that cannot be expressed in words.

Eyes are the window to the soul. And your coach website is the door to their hearts.


That’s why your coaching business needs the edge and the elegance of a bespoke design that calls to your perfect clients, that beckons them, not just to stay, but to linger and wander dig deeper. And to find what you have to offer them.

Because a bespoke coach website is NOT about which shade of pink, which handwritten fonts, or whether or not to use stock images

A bespoke design by Kylie is rooted firmly in, not only the things that represent you but in the things that create a customer experience that feels like home.

That’s why bespoke designs start with strategy.

Strategy is what creates a cozy, well-run space that your users want to curl up in and hang around.

Strategy is the unspoken part of you that they feel without seeing.

your differentiator.

"Kylie, you seriously worked your magic here!!! I'm so proud that this is now my website.  I finally feel like it represents the colorful and perfect imperfections of me  Working with you, was just what I needed. Having such a gorgeous website also gave me a huge confidence boost. Somehow the universe knew that now I'm ready to conquer the world as a Health Coach, I got my first couple of clients, right after we finished the website."

Kris Oak, Health, Yoga & Wellness Coach

kris oak website
kylie malcolm

A Customized Coach Website:

+ Allows you to show up for them with, not just a website, but an EXPERIENCE

+ Gives you permission to let you shine through in ways that only bespoke can

+ Gives you access to DEEP design knowledge that as a coach, you cannot possibly know because you...are a coach and your industry IS what you know (and know well)

+ Opens up your revenue potential to reach beyond current or past clients and their referrals to the entire world

+ Is the equivalent of designing a home that feels trustworthy, comfy, and welcoming in a sea of vanilla coaches who don’t have the fire and passion that you do for your clients

Because What Makes You a Successful Coach Is…

getting clients and making an impact on their lives.

If you struggle to get clients, your business is not what it could be. And putting up a site that erases their doubt about you makes it easier for them to say “YES! YES! YES!” it means when Mary Beth, on the other side of the country, who has never heard of you, lands on your site, she’s immediately smitten.

It means you become not just a coach by referrals, but through COLD LEADS, opening up your business to thousands more in revenue potential.

Opting for a bespoke design, you display a design that, not only fully and unapologetically represents who you are, it lures them in, it calls to them in ways that leave them drooling over you, no matter how they found you.

Why Bespoke is best

Because your clients deserve to know the depths of what you bring to their lives, so you can open up to the possibility of helping even more people who NEED what you offer.

Doing it on your own didn’t cut it.


That’s where YOU get to come alive in your business, help more, and show prospects exactly what you’re about.

It’s where every nook and cranny of who you are is put into your “home” on the web.

As a coach, you create your surroundings with care.

Because you know how much they matter to your peace of mind and soul.

Create your coach website with that same care.

Give your site visitors the full experience of who you are before they even talk to you. So they can decide “YES!” before getting on the phone with you.

What a Bespoke Design Brings To Your Coaching Business:


Higher conversions via freebie/opt-ins, lead magnets, programs and copy that says who you are in a way that gets clients in the door.


Yes, a bespoke design means that you are not getting just the site, but some of the COPY penned by an experienced copywriter, as well.


You get a fully customizable high-end theme with three plugins that would cost over $800 a year to manage - for FREE.


A coach website that will distinguish you from all the other coaches in your niche, making them envious of your online presence.


An easy-to-use backend that even the most non-techy coach can effortlessly maneuver so you can upload blogs and content without breaking a sweat.

Kylie Malcolm Health Coach website design business mentor

Why Kylie Malcolm...

I’m Kylie and I’ve been a designer for coaches like you for years.

High-end design is in my blood. And I bring everything I know about the visual art and the science of web design to a space where others slap colors and fonts together and hope they work so that you feel deeply empowered by the space we build for you.

Because I create a one-of-a-kind foundation for you that reflects your deepest, truest self for the clients you want to attract and to help you create an experience that makes them LOVE you.

Design is the art and the heart of your site. It’s a place where you come to life for the ones you love working with most.

And it’s something that I take very seriously.

Hellen Allen Website Redesign

"My website was redesigned by the amazing Kylie Malcolm and I am in awe! She is THE BEST! Working with her was easy and so rewarding! She has made my dream come true and I am SO THANKFUL I have found her after years of bumping into the wrong people! She is so inspiring and loving. Her work ethics surpassed my expectations and her joy for doing what she loves inspired me, even more, to do what I love! I would choose her again and again! She is MAGIC! Kylie Malcolm thank you for ALL your hard work in making this happen! You are THE BOMB!"


Holistic Health Coach

The problem with doing it on your own…

it’s a bandaid.

And it’s only good for those who choose the longer, harder road to success, but it can never replace the nuances that come from having a deeply knowledgeable designer by your side.

Because unless you are a designer, there are things that others don’t think about when it comes to the user experience or the back end of your site.

Those things are part of a whole that creates an elegant, grown-up, lush space that makes your bespoke site flawless for your prospects.


And that’s how you make an impression so deep, they can’t forget you...nor do they want to.  

But let’s talk about the nitty gritty for a second.


A Bespoke Coach Website Is Only For You IF:

Kylie malcolm health coach
  • You’re not happy with the amount of money you’re making and want to grow your business so you can make more
  • You’re ready to uplevel your business by presenting yourself in a light that screams “PRO” (and trust…)
  • You don’t have time to play with “designing” a site because you’re actually coaching (because visitors can tell if you’ve done it or if it was a hired job)
  • The customer experience is paramount to you so they want to continue beyond the first package with you
  • You want to them to understand your level of commitment to them and their success, growing those all-important seeds of trust that make money

Because a Kylie Malcolm bespoke design is rooted in you, your dreams of success for yourself AND for your clients.

Make them LUST after you when you create a space that is so completely you.

Because following lust is trust.

And it all starts with a coach website and copy that fully and truly represent who you are as a coach and the deep impact you’re here to make on your potential clients’ lives.

The Bespoke Website Design Package with Kylie

For coaches, fitness pro's and do-good entrepreneurs who are seriously ready to rock their online persona.

ready to make your old website jealous?


starts at $1000

  • Custom Website Design (1, 4 or 6 Pages)
  • Logo Design and Brand Elements
  • 1 x Freebie/Opt-In Design & Setup
  • Tech Setup such as Mailing List, Calendars and Email
  • BONUS: 1 Month of Content Club (Gold Access Pass)


starts at $5000

  • Custom Website Design (10 Pages)
  • Logo Design and Brand Elements
  • 3 x Freebie/Opt-In Design & Setup
  • Tech Setup such as Mailing List, Calendars, Email or Shop
  • Sales Funnel Template & Automation Setup
  • Social Media Branding & Design Package
  • BONUS: 1 Year of Content Club (Gold Access Pass)
  • BONUS: Professional Copywriting Package (5 pages)

**Monthly payment plans available at checkout. All prices are in USD. We recently increased our prices, if you have had a free call with Kylie already prior to the price increase, we will honor that pricing if you email us for the payment link.

coaching website design

"It was such a big task, I gave Kylie a messed up, full to the brim totally un-workable site that had years of "junk" on it and said, "clean it up". And boy did she ever. It is so easy to use and throughout every step of the way she took the time to really think about how the site would be received by my consumer, suggesting things to do and ways to improve their experience. Kylie is not only a design gem but super knowledgeable about sales and digital user experience".


Founder of

What is the copywriting package?

With the Bespoke Coach Website Package, we give you access to a copywriter who'll craft up your message (Bespoke Full and VIP only)

For Bespoke Full and VIP, included is website copy for up to 5 key pages on your website and includes:
  • A deep-dive 90-minute phone interview with our Copywriter to talk through your message so that she can write an effective and compelling copy for you.
  • Sarah will research your target audience and conduct competitor research so that you can breathe easy with content that will sell.
  • Up to 5 key pages of content copy written for you that can include home page, about page, work with me page and one additional sales page for your signature offering. You choose from 3 different copy packages.
  • Direct access to Sarah to work on the copy while we work on the branding, logo and design aspects. All copywriting services include worksheets/exercises, first drafts, two rounds of revisions and a final proofread.

Finally, have a business that reflects who you are!

(Valued at over $1200! Included in the Bespoke Full Package, not Bespoke Basic)


This is for you if:

  • You are almost clear or very clear on what you want to do with your business
  • Need help on copywriting and technical setup as an all in one solution
  • Have done for you content/programs or your own programs you created and need them setup alongside a gorgeous new website
  • You already have an established business but want to solidify yourself online 
  • You are a health coach, wellness coach, life coach, business mentor and anything in between

This isn't for you if: 

  • You don't know what you want to do in our business
  • Want to rely on someone to do everything for you without lifting a finger (we do a lot, but you still need to do some work!)
  • Love shiny objects and never implement (because you need to be all in on this package to make it work for you. We are serious about making you shine online, we need you to be serious about it too!)

The average time we work together is around 3-6 months.

Some clients need a little more hand holding along the way taking longer than anticipated, some clients are laser focused on what they want and need making it a shorter time frame. The process really depends on you and how quick we can get your branding together, products and programs up and running and content together. 

The package includes some "down time". This means we might have a small window break between website launch and a product/program setup so you can focus on marketing your business and getting your list built or clients in the door before we start working on the next pieces. Each client setup is completely different because no two businesses are the same. Some clients may take up 8 months of time but there might be 2 months of "down time" on our side while you get some marketing in place. 

Honestly, it varies! The below doesn't apply to the BESPOKE BASIC. 

Here is a list of what we can do for your bespoke package to pick and choose what works for you. Keep in mind, this is in no way a definitive list as each business is unique and setup is very different. We try and fit as much as we can within the price you pay as our pricing is based on time. 

  • Website design/re-design with branding and logo design
  • Social Media image design package
  • Up to 3 freebie content design, mockups and setup
  • Up to 3 online coaching programs setup as emailed programs (if you have purchased done-for-you programs)
  • Sales funnel guidance, templates, design and implementation
  • Copywriting Package
  • Payment setup, upsells and tripwire setup (optional)
  • Scheduling setup and client management tool setup (optional)
  • Guidance on coaching program design (optional)
  • A shop or store setup (optional)

As you can see, we can do a lot but it depends on what you need. 

We have a range of different ebooks and guides that I have personally written for coaches. These vary in topics such as general health, niche health, business strategy, fitness, gut health and more!

You get to choose 3 of these to use in your business from Content Club.

Have your own? That's fine! We have many coaches who bring their own ebooks or other done-for-you products. We will rebrand them for you so they match your beautiful new brand and set them up for you. 

Oh, and you can mix and match. Pick one of ours and bring 2 of your own or any variation of 3 in total. Easy! 

If you have more you want set up, we'll charge you a small fee to add those on. 

Absolutely. We do a phone call initially that runs for 1-2 hours then after that once every 2-4 weeks. 

But this all depends on each client. Some clients prefer touching base online with just a 1 hour call a month to touch base. In most cases here is how we stay connected: 

  • Initial phone call for 1-2 hours to talk about strategy, design, ideal clients and  your ideal business.
  • Connect on VOXER APP in between sessions (usually daily, weekly) 
  • Connect via email or Facebook chat weekly
  • Additional 1-2 hour call every 2-4 weeks, depending on what we are working on at the time

You will get 3 months of support!

So if you need help with changing content, fixing up a page you may have made a mistake on or general guidance on what to do and how to do it, we are there for you! Need help linking something to your site? We are there for you.

You will also get a private 1:1 video recording of how to use, edit and maintain your website and business setup to refer back to at anytime. Kylie will do this personally with you so that you are empowered to maintain your site if you need to. On top of that, you have access to video tutorials on how to maintain, edit and update your site. We are always here if you need us though!

Of course you can! 

Check out our portfolio under the resources section to get an idea on some of our previous client sites that have been done on different packages in the past. Click here

All our prices are in USD. We do not accept other currencies, unfortunately. 

You can pay by credit card. 

The Process

You have zero downtime from the minute you pay so that you can make progress today!

step 1


Simply book in a 30 minute website chat with Kylie (bottom of page) to talk about your website aspirations and coaching business ideas. Don't need a chat? Jump to step 2 below!

step 2


All you need to do is click the BUY NOW button on the package you want and you get immediate access to the onboarding process with videos, workbooks and tutorials.

step 3


You begin filling out or workbooks and submitting them, then when you have enough completed, you schedule in your first 60-minute session with Kylie to go through designs, ideas, branding and building the ideal coaching business online.

step 4


After your first draft of copywriting is complete we work on your website design and go back and forth to ensure you have a web presence that echo's your coaching dreams and wins your ideal clients' hearts!

Hellen Allen Website Redesign
nikki after2_macbookair11_front

The Bespoke Design Package with Kylie

For coaches and mentors who are seriously ready to rock their online persona.

your time is now to shine online!


starts at $1000

  • Custom Website Design (1, 4 or 6 Pages)
  • Logo Design and Brand Elements
  • 1 x Freebie/Opt-In Design & Setup
  • Tech Setup such as Mailing List, Calendars and Email
  • BONUS: 1 Month of Content Club (Gold Access Pass)


Starts at $5000

  • Custom Website Design (10 Pages)
  • Logo Design and Brand Elements
  • 3 x Freebie/Opt-In Design & Setup
  • Tech Setup such as Mailing List, Calendars, Email or Shop
  • Sales Funnel Template & Automation Setup
  • Social Media Branding & Design Package
  • BONUS: 1 Year of Content Club (Gold Access Pass)
  • BONUS: Professional Copywriting Package (5 pages)

**Monthly payment plans available at checkout. All prices are in USD.


Schedule a free chat with me!

If you aren't sure which package or product, or just have some questions you need answering, simply book in a time to speak with me on my calendar today. Please remember that I help clients all over the world so calendar times are open at different times and days for different timezones. Can't find a time? Just send us an email, we'll try and book you in manually.

Talk to you soon!