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Bespoke Website Design with Kylie

Custom designed sites for the online coaching presence of your dreams.


Because you deserve a coaching website that converts like crazy


Gone are the days of lengthy, essay-long website pages and incredibly cheesy sales copy. These days, in order to have a coaching or mentoring business that rocks the online space, you need to have a consistent web presence and a kick-ass website who's sole purpose is to get you clients. Imagine, your social media efforts and your mailing list doing all the work for you, while your website is the tool that connects the dots to get you paid. This can all happen on the Bespoke Package.

you need this if you are ready to rock online!

kris oak website

"Kylie, you seriously worked your magic here!!! I'm so proud that this is now my website.  I finally feel like it represents the colorful and perfect imperfections of me  Working with you, was just what I needed. Having such a gorgeous website also gave me a huge confidence boost. Somehow the universe knew that now I'm ready to conquer the world as a Health Coach, I got my first couple of clients, right after we finished the website."


Health & Wellness Coach

You need this because you aren't like every other coach out there. 

You can't stand the thought of fumbling your way around your online business attempts. It's time to make a change!


  • Let me guess? Your website doesn't cut it. Or you don't have one at all.
  • You know you can rock it online, but your tech know-how fails you each and every time.
  • There seems to be more to your coaching business but you can't quite figure it out (yet!).
  • You have no time and zero patience to make a dent in your website to-do list.
  • You cringe at the thought of sharing your website, because let's face it, it's embarrassing.


The bespoke package gives you complete flexibility to make your online business dream a reality so that you can focus on what you do best - Coach and mentor your clients to success.


You'll Go From Bare Bones And Barely Surviving To Business Brilliance So That You Stand Out Online - AND SHINE!


a Completely custom designed site

You'll get Kylie's 1:1 support and attention throughout the duration of your website design, which includes:

  • 10-12 Page Website Design that is as unique as your business
  • Branding Session with Gorgeous Logo, Brand Board and Brand Elements
  • 3 x Legal pages (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer)
  • 3 x Freebie/Opt-In Design and Setup
  • Sales Funnel Strategy, Design and Setup
  • 3 x Online Coaching Programs Design and Setup (you can use your own DFY!)
  • 1 x Membership and/or Course/School Design and Setup (optional)
  • Social Media Branding and Design Package
  • Professional Copywriting Package with Kristina Fortune


you get a website that is as unique as you!

On Top Of All That,
We Write Your Copy For You.

With the Bespoke Package we give you access to an intuitive copywriter who'll craft up your message (not included in Bespoke Basic package).


Included is copy for up to 4 key pages on your website and includes:
  • A deep-dive 90 minute phone interview with Kristina to talk through your message so that she can write effective and compelling copy for you.
  • Kristina will research your target audience and conduct competitor research so that you can breathe easy with content that will sell.
  • A total of 4 key pages of content copy written for you that can include home page, about page, work with me page and one additional sales page for your signature offering.
  • Direct access to Kristina to work on the copy while we work on the branding, logo and design aspects. All copywriting services include worksheets/exercises, first drafts, two rounds of revisions and a final proofread.

You won't need to write your key pages, Kristina will do all the heavy lifting for your copy and I'll do the tech setup, design and online presence.

Finally breathe knowing your copy is sound!

Kristina Head Shot


Kristina Fortune Is A Copywriter And Editor With A Passion For Weaving Words. She Loves Crafting Inspiring Copy That Touches People’s Hearts.

Kristina is certified in Reiki 2 and highly intuitive and empathic (aka, in tune with people’s emotional energy). Kristina intentionally uses these abilities when she writes and edits copy for clients. This helps Kristina to go deeper and speak to people’s hearts (not just their heads), which leads to emotionally compelling (and thus, more effective) copy. Perfect for your bespoke experience!

a love note

"My website was redesigned by the amazing Kylie Malcolm and I am in awe! She is THE BEST! Working with her was easy and so rewarding! She has made my dream come true and I am SO THANKFUL I have found her after years of bumping into the wrong people! She is so inspiring and loving. Her work ethics surpassed my expectations and her joy for doing what she loves inspired me even more to do what I love! I would choose her again and again! She is MAGIC! Kylie Malcolm thank you for ALL your hard work in making this happen! You are THE BOMB! "


Holistic Health Coach

The bespoke design package with Kylie

For coaches and mentors who are seriously ready to rock their online persona. 

ready to make your old website jealous?


+ Custom Website Design (up to 8 pages)

+ Logo design, brand board and brand elements

+ 3 x Legal pages (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer)

+ 1 x Freebie/Opt-In Design and Setup

+ Social Media Branding and Design Package


Pay upfront and save $1000

+ Custom Website Design (up to 12 pages)

+ Logo design, brand board and brand elements

Legal pages x3 (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer)

Freebie/Opt-In Design and Setup x 3

Sales Funnel Template and Automation Setup

Social Media Branding and Design Package

Professional copywriting package with Kristina Fortune

Home Page Image #2 About Me Area

"Working with Kylie was INCREDIBLE! You are the BEST! VERY responsive, sweet, helpful, organized and affordable! You over delivered and I have been blown away by how great the process was, really impressed with my website and just everything about you and your team in general, couldn't be happier! I would HIGHLY recommend you to everyone! I have already told so many people about your services, so grateful to have found you! I would have gave up if it wasn't for your services.  So peaceful knowing you are just an email away and you always got back to me right away! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"


Fresh Start Nutrition Coach


Who is this package for?

This is for you if:

  • You are almost clear or very clear on what you want to do with your business
  • Need help on copywriting and technical setup as an all in one solution
  • Have done for you content/programs or your own programs you created and need them setup alongside a gorgeous new website
  • You already have an established business but want to solidify yourself online 
  • You are a health coach, wellness coach, life coach, business mentor and anything in between

This isn't for you if: 

  • You don't know what you want to do in our business
  • Want to rely on someone to do everything for you without lifting a finger (we do a lot, but you still need to do some work!)
  • Love shiny objects and never implement (because you need to be all in on this package to make it work for you. We are serious about making you shine online, we need you to be serious about it too!)

How long do we work together?

The average time we work together is around 3-6 months.

Some clients need a little more hand holding along the way taking longer than anticipated, some clients are laser focused on what they want and need making it a shorter time frame. The process really depends on you and how quick we can get your branding together, products and programs up and running and content together. 

The package includes some "down time". This means we might have a small window break between website launch and a product/program setup so you can focus on marketing your business and getting your list built or clients in the door before we start working on the next pieces. Each client setup is completely different because no two businesses are the same. Some clients may take up 8 months of time but there might be 2 months of "down time" on our side while you get some marketing in place. 

What's included?

Honestly, it varies! The below doesn't apply to the BESPOKE BASIC. 

Here is a list of what we can do for your bespoke package to pick and choose what works for you. Keep in mind, this is in no way a definitive list as each business is unique and setup is very different.

  • Website design/re-design with branding and logo design
  • Social Media image design package
  • Up to 3 freebie content design, mockups and setup
  • Up to 3 online coaching programs design, mapping, setup and planning
  • Sales funnel guidance, templates, design and implementation
  • Membership or online store setup and design, mapping and more (optional)
  • Copywriting Package with Kristina
  • Payment setup, upsells and tripwire setup (optional)
  • Scheduling setup and client management tool setup (optional)
  • Guidance on coaching program design (optional)

As you can see, we can do a lot but it depends on what you need. 

What are the freebie/opt-in's?

We have over 12 different ebooks and guides that I have personally written for coaches. These vary in topics such as general health, niche health, business strategy, fitness, gut health and more!

You get to choose 3 of these to use in your business.

Have your own? That's fine! We have many coaches who bring their own ebooks or other done-for-you products. We will rebrand them for you so they match your beautiful new brand and set them up for you. 

Oh, and you can mix and match. Pick one of ours and bring 2 of your own or any variation of 3 in total. Easy! 

If you have more you want setup, we'll charge you a small fee to add those on. 

What are the coaching programs?

You get 3 coaching programs setup. We have small programs you can choose from or you can bring your own programs and we'll brand them up and setup for online delivery. 

The purpose of these is to give your following a taste of what your coaching is all about. You can offer them free or paid with a group or 1:1 coaching call thrown in. Topics to choose from are always growing, but we have mini programs such as: Kids health, stress and corporate health, 5 days to better health with more being added monthly 

Do we have calls and contact often?

Absolutely. We do a phone call initially that runs for 1-2 hours then after that once every 2-4 weeks. 

But this all depends on each client. Some clients prefer touching base online with just a 1 hour call a month to touch base. In most cases here is how we stay connected: 

  • Initial phone call for 1-2 hours to talk about strategy, design, ideal clients and  your ideal business.
  • Connect on VOXER APP in between sessions (usually daily, weekly) 
  • Connect via email weekly
  • Additional 1-2 hour call every 2-4 weeks, depending on what we are working on at the time

What support do you offer after we finish?

You will get 3 months of support!

So if you need help with changing content, fixing up a page you may have made a mistake on or general guidance on what to do and how to do it, we are there for you! Need help linking something to your site? We are there for you.

You will also get a private 1:1 video recording of how to use, edit and maintain your website and business setup to refer back to at anytime. Kylie will do this personally with you so that you are empowered to maintain your site if you need to. On top of that, you have access to video tutorials on how to maintain, edit and update your site. We are always here if you need us though!

Can I see your portfolio?

Of course you can! 

Check out our portfolio under the resources section to get an idea on some of our previous client sites that have been done on different packages in the past. Click here

Hellen Allen Website Redesign
nikki after2_macbookair11_front

Schedule a free chat!

There are a limited number of calls each week for free website chats. If you aren't sure which package or template, simply book in a time to speak with Kylie on her calendar today. Please remember that Kylie helps coaches all over the world so calendar times are open at different times for different timezones. Can't find a time? Just send us an email, we'll try and book you in manually.

talk to you soon!