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Hey There Coach!

Like every other health, fitness, wellness or business coach, do you wish you had more engaging content online and more clients in the (virtual) door?

Of course! We all do! Right?

But the thing is… finding followers and getting their attention to engage in your content can be a nightmare of a task.

And engaging them and getting them excited about what you can do for them as a coach… well, that can seem virtually impossible!

We know how it is. We understand how hard it can be today to reach people in a way that they can understand and relate to. And if you’re not connecting with them in the right way… you might as well give up blogging or posting on Facebook and spend your time wisely elsewhere.


So How Can You Connect With Your Ideal Clients In An Engaging, Impactful Way Online?

I'll get to that in a moment. But first, I want to know if any of these sound familiar…

  • You’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on done for you ebooks, done for you content, social media templates and Canva images that give you hope of building your business and getting you clients… with nothing to show for it!
  • You feel like you may have to go back to getting a job, stuck in that unfulfilling job forever because you can’t seem to get clients online!
  • You’ve almost given up hope on creating a successful wellness based business, quitting your job, and enjoying the freedom of the “online coaching world”!
  • You’ve made a “dream business list” that you doubt you’ll ever complete because you’re stuck trying to create content constantly with no clients to show for it!
  • You are constantly grinding your way through posting to your Facebook page, Instagram, twitter and blog without any sense of fulfilling hope that someone will comment or like it.

Fortunately For You, Content Club Takes All Of The Hassle Out Of Creating Engaging And Highly Informative Online Content

You’ve Probably Heard Of Done For You Content… And Even If That Term Doesn’t Sound Familiar, You’ve Probably Seen At Least A Few Floating Around Your Online World.

These pre-written or pre-designed pieces of content are designed to save you time finding relevant content for your business.

So there’s no time for you to spend researching. No fumbling around in Canva. No expensive copywriters, no tricky photoshop skills required, and no need for writing blog posts.

Even better, curated content can offer an incredible engagement rate, so more people who see the content will be compelled to engage on it or make contact.

So the solution is obvious, right?

Go out and find well curated done for you content each month.


Not so fast…

Sadly, not All Done For You Content Is Created Equal…

Inside Content Club, We Do Content Differently…Which Means Bigger Impact On Your Coaching Business!

We’re not about mass producing cheap average Joe content, slapping a big dollar sign on it making it seem valuable, just to make some money.

Instead, we focus on what really matters… creating engaging, laser-targeted, well written and beautifully designed content that gets your followers wanting more and reaching out to you.

We’re also not about charging you ridiculous monthly fees and taking up weeks of your time doing things how everyone else does it. NO. We provide you templates, cheat sheets, guides and content that is completely editable for you to rebrand it so that it has your unique voice and brand colors attached to it.

That’s why, when you join Content Club, you get curated content in the form of blog posts, social media posts, images and online challenges where our team have busted their butts for you, so that you don’t have to. Every piece of content we curate is created with one purpose in mind – making your coaching business one that your followers can’t live without!


"I just joined this month and already have gained many followers thanks to the emotional eating segment.  Much love!"


Emotional Eating Mindset Club

"Content Club helps me have time to do the things I am trained to do - help heal kids and families! Rather than spending hours of time writing content for blogs and social media, I get all of that valuable content done for me. It's a no-brainer!"


Kids & Family Health Club

"Kylie makes engaging with my group so fool proof and with minimal branding or customization. Having the posts to build my list by engaging other social media platforms is also great. I have piece of mind that every month I don't have to worry about what I am going to post or what challenges to create because it is already done for me and is saving me tons of time so I can focus on other types of content creations. The best money I have ever spent."


Member of all clubs

"Kylie, You give me more quality of life as your product is superior and ready to insert! Such a quality product, I know it’s awesome as soon as it hits my hands. Thank you! Thank you!"


General Health Club

Content Club Really Is Quite SIMPLE
(And A Complete Time Saver)!

Content Club is a completely done for you, monthly content pack that gives you access to curated content that has been well researched, backed by reference links and beautifully designed.

Each month you login, download your monthly content pack and either use immediately as is, or edit the designed content to match your brand by changing fonts, colors and adding your logo. The content is created in a way that can be used straight "out of the box" or tweaked until your heart's content to make it more unique to you. 

Here Is What You Get Inside Your Content Pack EACH And EVERY Month Of Your Subscription:

(All files are editable in both MAC and PC versions)

2 blog posts content club

2 X Blog Posts Written For You

(750-1000 Words In Length)

Content Club quote images

10 X Custom Designed Quote Images

(Includes Diverse Image Options)

facebook challenge coaching program

4 Day Challenge Coaching Program

(2000 Words And 6 Images)

Content Club tips

10 X Custom Designed Advice Images

(Includes Diverse Image Options)

To Make Sure You Really Make An Impact With Your Content…

You get a suite of tutorials, guides, cheat sheets and more
to help you build your online coaching business with ease.

Oh and of course step by step instructions on HOW to use your content and maximize it’s potential for your business - making it unique to you! But because I love content creation making sure you succeed, have these Courses, with my pleasure…

Sales Funnel Basics Image

Sales Funnel Basics Course

Your 8 Module course designed to turn your subscribers into clients. You'll learn everything there is to know about creating an effective sales automation sequence. Includes templates, workbooks and done for you email sequence.

Google Analytics course

Google Analytics Course

A 7 Module course that helps you understand what the amazing free tool, Google Analytics can do for your business online. Includes step by step instructions, workbooks and walk-through's so you can maximize your impact with your online content.

Content Club testimonials 2

Inside Content Club, We Have Different Clubs To Meet Your Needs (And Your Niche)

Whether you have your sights set on building your online visibility or you just need to save 20+ hours each month creating content, we have a content club that’s right for you! Each club has content only focusing on a key niche area so you know that you are getting content that suits your business style.

Each Month you will receive an entire month of content that includes:

  • 2 Blog Posts professionally written for you based on the club niche area of focus (these are 750-1000 words each in length and completely editable to add your voice)  (VALUE: $150)
  • 4 Day Challenge including images and prewritten content to get your following focusing on their health each month (up to 2000 word challenge and 6 images) (VALUE: $97)
  • 20 Gorgeously Designed Images that include quotes, facts, useful information and tips for your followers to lead a healthier lifestyle in the niche area (completely editable and customizable) (VALUE: $50)
  • 2 Template Styles to choose from so you can pick the most suitable to you (the templates are provided in powerpoint or keynote format and completely editable) (VALUE: $120)
  • PLUS a 12 Month Content Calendar so you can map and plan your content each month (we design the content and write it for you, you schedule it out) (VALUE: $50)
  • PLUS 10+ Instructional Videos and walkthrough’s on how to use, edit and make the most of your content each month (VALUE: $30)
  • PLUS 50+ Videos, Courses, Cheat Sheets and Guides on building your coaching business online  (learn sales funnels, google analytics, how to write content plus so much more (VALUE:  $500+)


Total Value: $997+

YOU PAY: ONLY $47 per month

It’s Time You Had Engaging, High-Converting Content AND Saved 20+ Hours Each Month!

Isn’t it time you stopped missing out on the engagement and ideal clients getting in touch with you from your online efforts? Join us inside Content Club today!


"I waited for months for Kylie to release the Kids and Family Content Club. I focus specifically on kids nutrition and feeding therapy to teach them how to eat. I love love love that the material is on point with the unique needs and challenges of parents trying to feed their kids and I don't have to spend hours revising the material itself. Such a relief! Plus the design is gorgeous. She's taken DFY to really mean that the only modifications you need to make is to add your colors and logo. Thats it! And she wasn't kidding when she said it's a whole month worth of content. She has my blog, Facebook page, Facebook group and even suggested a neat way to use the content to build my list, which was completely unexpected. I'm over the moon excited!"


Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist & Picky Eating Coach

One month of content for free. Includes videos, guides and learning materials to boost your business.

General health & wellness content aimed at men and women. This is a paid club with premium access.

Self Love, Emotional Eating, Cravings and Self Care. This is a paid club with premium access.

Kids & Family Health Club aimed at families and moms. This is a paid club with premium access.

**All prices are in USD. No contracts. Cancel or pause your membership anytime.


You will be emailed a link to reset your password so that you can login. We require you to do this as a spot check to ensure your email address is valid. Once you reset your password, you can log in, download your content and use it immediately!

If you are already a member of Content Club (FREE) you can simply upgrade your account to Content Club by logging in to your account first.


No, not necessarily.

We provide 2 very different template styles and you have the option of choosing the one that suits you. You can use the content as provided or change the colors, the fonts and add your logo and even edit the written content to suit your niche or voice.

The chances of someone following you and another coach using this content is very slim, if at all.


Most definitely not. 

You can pause your membership anytime or cancel anytime. We don’t offer refunds due to the digital nature of the content. All sales are final.

If you wish to cancel or pause, simply do so inside your account dashboard.


You will be billed every 30 days and content is available 1 day AFTER payment to allow for payments to clear (except on the first payment where you have immediate access).

You will log in to your dashboard at and download your content as a .zip file. Inside will be your entire month content pack.

All your tutorials, courses and bonus content is available within your dashboard. The files are available in both PC and MAC compatible files.

We also provide the font files for the templates if you need them.


Honestly, any way you wish for your own personal business use.

The content is not to be resold under any circumstances. It is to be used as your own content.

We recommend using the Challenge to build engagement within your Facebook group or your email list as a monthly challenge. It's also perfect as a list builder tool each month. 

The blog posts are great to add to your blog on your website or chopped up as smaller bite-sized informational posts on social media. 

The images are great for Facebook groups, pages, twitter, Instagram and any other form of social interaction to build engagement.


YES! Absolutely. 

Simply signup to the different clubs. We do not offer discounts for multiple clubs.
You can pause your clubs anytime and reactivate anytime!


Right now we have only 3 club topics:

  1. General Health & Wellness
  2. Self-love, self-care, emotional eating, cravings, and mindset
  3. Kids & Family Health & Wellness 

We are adding Autoimmune/Gut Health shortly. 

Have a niche you want to be covered? Send us an email to

Included in each and every club topic will be:

  • 10 x image quotes (editable)
  • 10 x advice, tips, and coaching images
  • 2 blog posts (750-1000 words)
  • 4-day challenge (2000 words and 6 images, editable)

YES! You can earn 20% of each member you sign up EVERY MONTH they are a member!

You read that right! Ongoing payment for your referral. Sign up here


Just send us a mail to and we’ll be happy to respond within 48 hours! Alternatively ask away in our Facebook group

Kylie Malcolm website design health coach


Hi! I'm Kylie.

I help coaches and mentors get online and build growth.

Some call me their fairy godmother. While I don’t turn pumpkins into coaches, I do turn frustrated, confused and overwhelmed coaches into successful, motivated and productive professionals who not only re-ignite their passion for coaching but also, make money while doing so.

My mission is to bridge the massive gap for coaches trying to build their business online, make money sharing their passion AND save time while doing it.

I’ve tried a million things, succeeded at many and failed at some. As a certified health coach, children’s nutrition expert and a global business mentor, I walk the talk and I’m not one of those who teach you how to run your business without having succeeded with mine.

Get Engaging, High-Converting Content AND Save TIME each month with Content Club

Stop fussing about in Canva creating crappy images and content and start the real business tasks that are going to get you more clients in the door!

One month of content for free. Includes videos, guides and learning materials to boost your business.

General health & wellness content aimed at men and women. This is a paid club with premium access.

Self Love, Emotional Eating, Cravings and Self Care. This is a paid club with premium access.

Kids & Family Health Club aimed at families and moms. This is a paid club with premium access.

**All prices are in USD. No contracts. Cancel or pause your membership anytime.

facebook challenge coaching program
Content Club tips
Content Club quote images
2 blog posts content club