Email Marketing for Health Coaches – 6 Essential Steps

The success of your email marketing efforts as a health coach is based on a range of complex factors. 

However, there are 6 of these issues that can be proactively managed to ensure an optimized response from your tribe.

When developing your next email campaign, consider the following as a guide to increase and improve your reach!

1. Email Marketing For Health Coaches: Your list.

Your list is one of the most important aspects of any email marketing campaign. Your list determines your success.

  • Are the names and email addresses recent? Check for bounce-backs and open rates.
  • Have they agreed to be sent emails? Check your confirmed email list v’s unconfirmed
  • Have they shown an interest in your previous emails by opening them? Check your open rates!

2. Your Subject Line in Email Marketing. 

Getting a user to open your email is essential in any email marketing situation. The best way to determine the subject line that works best is to break your emails into three random yet equal groups.

Measure the response to each email and use the highest producing one as your control. In follow up emails, try to beat the response rate of your control email.

You do this through split testing or A/B testing. I recommend only using this method for a list size of over 1000 subscribers.

3. Your sender information as a Health Coach. 

Without a doubt, one of the most critical parts of successful email marketing. Here’s a quick checklist for you on the information you send:

  • What information appears on the sender line of your email?
  • Will your subscribers recognize it?
  • Do they want to hear from you? (i.e., has it been six months since your last mail out!)

It’s no news that people delete emails without ever opening them due to a sender name they don’t recognize. Your sender name should be brief and easily understood.

4. Track your results.

Tracking allows you to determine who opened your message and clicked on a link or multiple links within your email. By deciding what worked and what didn’t, you can replicate success on your next email.

As described above, tracking is particularly important when testing subject lines, embedded links, and selling services so you can track conversion rates on your offers.

5. Make sure the unsubscribe process works. 

The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 requires that all email messages contain clear directions on how to opt-out from subsequent mailings. Provide an unsubscribe process that allows those receiving your email to opt-out from receiving further emails from you. If recipients no longer want to hear from you, it’s in your best interest to remove them from your list. Yes, even your customer/client list if they have requested!

6. Test, Test, Test! 

No matter what your involvement with email marketing happens to be, it is essential that you follow the guidelines above for successful results. Besides, the key is to test, test, test! After each email campaign, measure your opens, click-throughs, and purchases.

Then, document the specific date, time, list, subject line, and content used to produce your best results. Refer back to your notes before the next campaign you send.

A final word on Email Marketing for Health Coaches:

Email doesn’t have to be a sophisticated form of marketing. There are many best practices you can follow and some simple rules that ensure effectively delivery, open, and conversion.

Follow these six simple rules, and you’ll deliver an effective email campaign. You’ll also discover a consistent method of reaching your target audience – and ultimately coach more clients (or make more money!)

Oh yeah!