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Is your coaching website causing
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Today we're going to talk about high converting tips for your coaching website.

And this is where you'll be able to boost your list building abilities and get more clients online.

Pretty Cool, Huh?

So before we jump in, I just want to let you know a couple of things.

As an online entrepreneur, the single most important asset that you can have is your mailing list.

Now chances are if you are marketing yourself online, then you are directing traffic to your website and expecting the visitor to either:

A: opt into your free gift and get added to your mailing list or

B: buy something from you and then become a client.

So this means that in order to really succeed online, you'll want to ensure that your website is optimized to do exactly what you want it to do, get you subscribers and get your clients.

But how do you get clients online?

Well, hard work, grit, and determination. But really it's through list building and creating an effective sales funnel or marketing yourself with launch series and summits.

Assuming you want to boost those free conversions on your website, you'll definitely want to make this handy little podcast (your Bible) for the next day or two.

Just a little lingo for those who aren't aware, conversions = an exchange action such as a payment or a sign up to your mailing list. So we're going to cover off three of the most effective conversion boosting tactics that will increase your numbers and see you reaching those coaching goals online.

But remember, your business is only as good as your traffic. You need to market yourself to drive traffic to your site, but more importantly, ensure that you have a kick-butt SEO on your site to get up in the Google ranks.

Now, I'm not going to cover off SEO, that's a beast in itself and we'll save that for another episode. Let me just say this though, it's all well and good to have a beautiful website, but if that website doesn't do what it needs to do, then you really should rethink your design.

And while many online marketers will tell you that SEO, social media freebies, sales funnels are the most important aspects for conversions. Your opt-in rates and sign-ups can be hindered by the design aspect alone.

Let me just give you this very quick statistic that you should know.

According to Stanford University researchers, 46.1% of people say a website's design is the number one criteria for deciding if a company is credible or not. And that is why your website should really look the part.



All right, let's jump in. There's a concept called when less is more, did you know that the more options you give on your website mean it's the longest time to decide?

Psychological studies, time and time again, proof that when someone is faced with too many options, their ability to make a decision is reduced, causing more time to actually make a decision in the first place.

So this, in turn, means overwhelm kicks in, resulting in no action at all and it's certainly not what we want in the online world, especially for your website.

Yet for some reason we all seem to want to jam pack a ton of options on that home page or in the menu bar to overwhelm visitors, forcing them to click away or not take any action.

And shamefully I have done this too. I will put my hand up to that. So how do we combat this?

We give fewer options wherever possible to boost your conversions.

The first thing that you want to do is look at ways to reduce the options available in the first instance when the visitor goes to your site.

Cut back on the navigation menu items where possible. If your menu at the top of the website has maybe more than eight, then you're probably doing your website a disservice.

I've seen coaching websites where they've had 15 different options and sub options.

Create key pages that represent what you need and on those key pages, do your subcategories for people to click through their choices. If you head over to my homepage you'll see that we only have at the moment six different menu options.

Even though we have a ton of content on the site, it helps to direct people to their interest if they are the sort of person that wants to click around.

So we have:

  1. Welcome (home page)
  2. Start here for those who want to jump in quickly and get stuff done.
  3. Website designs
  4. Content
  5. About
  6. Resources.

Under each of those pages, we have our subcategories.

So as you can see, it's really important to take a step back and re-evaluate your website because when you face too many options to the person visiting, chances are they're going to click away and they're not going to stay at all.

And when it comes to online coaching or creating our businesses online, we need to make sure that the website is optimized as much as possible to convert a subscriber or a client.


kylie x


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