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Nataly Tormey - Business Strategist



I loved this design SO MUCH we created a template for sale based off it and even named it after Nataly (with her permission!). Nataly is a business strategist for businesses that do good. I fell in love as soon as I finished it. What do you think?
Watch the video below.

Business strategist website design

a love note

"I have been in business for many years, and have been sold many "must have products" and "I am the person who can help you". And do not get me wrong, I have met wonderful people, who do provide a wonderful service along the way. BUT in my time of business, one major factor was mission. In my testimonial, I will give you also some words of advice. I am a business strategist, I now run three businesses, I have built my own websites (we all get tempted don't we), I have had people build websites for me, I have seen many people create beautiful websites but none of this matters without one vital key ingredient. Does the website convert? A pretty looking website is super, however - conversion is key! When I mean conversion I mean not just does it crack a sale, but is it going to do what you want the reader to do? In order to do this you need a clear message, a clear strategy, clear copy and then you need to present this in a website that is easy to read and is designed for the reader (not you). AND this is what Kylie's websites do! Stuff the fandagles and fluff! Kylies website look simple, but to actually create a clear, site that is readible and clean in design actually takes more skill then to create one that is full of "stuff'. Kylie has a strong talent in design but also a strong strategy in online sales. A very very important thing to have, when you are bringing your business and idea to the online world!"


Business strategist



**Disclaimer: Any website featured here may not be indicative of the final website we have created. Once we hand the website over completed, the owner then has the rights to make changes as they see fit. Please check with us if you aren't sure of the website being our final version if you wish to check the quality of our websites.

We pride ourselves on beautiful websites for Coaches and Mentors but with clients able to edit their own websites, it can often be hard to showcase websites after handing them over. Please check the video section of websites we've done if you wish to view our sites in their final form.


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