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Gorgeous Template Websites for Coaches

affordable websites for coaches. your website in a week starts here with our gorgeous template sites. we set it up for you!

Instead of Fighting With Your Coaching Website

Finally, Feel Good When Sharing Your Site And Don’t Spend Another Minute on DIY To Get There. We'll do it all for you!


Template Websites relieve the stress that DIY often causes most coaches.
They bring you a level of confidence that you can afford.

Now you can feel proud to share your website with the world!
And you won’t have to fight with plugins or designs again.

You’re a coach. What you do is help people.
And DIY’ing your site stops you from doing what you are meant to do.

Choose our Template Websites for Coaches and you get a site that’s ready for the world, all within 7-10 days! 

food blog health coach website template
health coach websites
yoga website template
Kylie malcolm content club websites for coaches

The Template Websites for Coaches are a complete “let’s hit the ground running” package so you can start pulling people in as soon as your site is complete.

And the process to get to this stage is almost painless. Because you have enough to do and we want to get much of this done for you as we can, with as little stress on you as possible.







a walkthrough of our health coaching website templates, press play!

So, when you choose our Template Websites for coaches, the process goes like this:



First, we design your logo, if you don't have one already. You choose your basic design, based on a template, fill in the logo workbook and we will get to work on it for you. For some logos, you get to choose the colors, for others they are best in one color. Or, if you’d like, we’re happy to design a custom logo for you, as well (for an additional fee)



Next, you get your copy together for your know, the words and message you want to say to the world. Our workbooks guide you on what goes where to make it an easy process. The sites are all based on a template so it's fast! Submit your workbooks and you are done!



We, then, start working on your website design once we have all the content to get started. If we have questions along the way, we'll email you and ask. We'll also let you know if your content doesn't quite work so you can tweak it and come back to us.



From the moment we receive your completed workbooks and your logo is finalized, we get your website done within 7-10 days. After then we give you access to our client management system where you can leave comments on your live website.



We go through a final check, changes and testing to make sure the website works exactly as it should and we go live for the world to see. You take the reigns and start marketing your business and editing your site as you evolve and grow!

food blog health coach website template

And in only 7 days, your coaching business is ready! At any time during the process, we can schedule calls or chat over email to stay in touch for maximum effect.

And each of our Template Websites for Coaches comes with ONE ROUND of minor changes to the content so you can be sure to have the perfect site!

yoga website template

"You've saved me a ton of work. I love the way the site turned out.  What I loved about this process was the modules and workbooks.  I'm tech savvy but I learned a lot from this process using the modules and it also helped keep me organized and focused on what I wanted on the site.  If I had tried to do this from scratch on my own, I still would be plugging away at it.  You were very responsive to questions or changes that I requested.  I also love the page builder that we have access to as Admins.  It makes building pages so much easier! I was paying monthly for a service that didn't provide nearly this much functionality! Thanks again for all you do!!”

Barbara St. Louis, Health Coach & Fitness Instructor

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Beautiful Website Bonuses

To Maximize Your Coaching Business Success!

DFY health coach ebook lead magnet


Pre-written and ready that is designed to build your mailing list quickly. There are over 12 to choose from that cater to different niches of coaching, so you’re sure to find one that suits your work.

setup online scheduler health


That makes you look and feel professional because you’re not sending 14 emails back and forth to schedule meetings, making the whole process smooth. A coaching business must have!

done for you blog posts health coach wellness


A blog page dedicated to your blog, recipes and/or articles. You'll also get 3 done for you and pre-written blog posts, to create an instant blog, added to your site to kick start your online presence.

tutorials and support for website health coach


We include video tutorials and guides on how to maintain your site, add content, edit content and keep it up to date! You will be empowered to manage your site, not rely on us for changes.

google analytics for coaches


Because when you have the power of data in your hands, your coaching business explodes faster. Includes our Google Analytics MasterClass so you can learn the in's and out's of your data.

fitness website design inspiration


Because the power of WordPress is phenomenal and we want you to look good, no matter what device your site shows up on. We will provide a mobile friendly website design so that you shine online!

website for coaches template
health coach websites
Anna Dupree Health coach

"Working with Kylie and her team has been a wonderful experience. The entire process went so smooth and was incredibly easy. The workbooks provided were easy to follow and a hassle-free way of getting pics and copy to Kylie and her team. There was no confusion, wondering what my site will end up looking like or uneasiness about the end result. I was kept in the loop and knew exactly what to expect at all times. The turn-around time exceeded expectations. After I submitted my copy and pics my website was live within 48 hours! I highly recommend Kylie if you want a professional looking website and like working with dependable people who know their craft."


Certified Health Coach, Wellness Business Mentor, Healthy Lifestyle Blogger

Your Coaching Website Design will impact

With all the workbooks and templates, your work is minimal with the Website Template Package, but your design will be optimal!

Every coaching website template comes jam packed with the perfect features you need to thrive.

websites for coaches affordable

Simple Text Only Logo Design

Gorgeous Stock Images

Grow Your Mailing List

Done For You Ebook

Mobile Friendly Design

Ready Made Blog


"I am loving my site because it is so much better than the one I had. I feel so much more confident about being an entrepreneur now that I have a real website that I can refer clients and prospects to. You guys have been so wonderful to work with, even when things get a bit challenging, you remain patient and supportive. I look forward to continuing to work with you guys as my business grows. You guys ROCK!"

deon hall, wellness coach

The Template Website for Coaches is designed to give you so much value for your money.

I know you are ready to stand out and shine in your coaching business, in the most affordable way possible.

Kylie Malcolm Health Coach website design business mentor

Hi there! I'm Kylie Malcolm.

I'm a Certified Health Coach and ran my own coaching business before I started designing sites. Before that, I worked in tech and sales mentoring for over 10 years. So I get business concepts and I get health and wellness.

For over 7 years, I’ve been a designer and business mentor for coaches like you for years. High-end design is in my blood. And I bring everything I know about the visual art and the science of coaching website design and template design to a level that makes you look and feel upscale, innovative, and unique.

Design is the art and the heart of your site. It’s a place where you come to life for the ones you love working with most. And it’s something that I take very seriously. That’s why, no matter which template you choose, you’re going to get my best support and skills, so you can finally shine and thrive online!

website design for coaches support

30 Days email support for your coaching website template design

Tutorials and workbooks will help you make sure you can successfully upload your new blogs and content, fast and easy. And as you grow, if you need to add or tweak any content, it will be a breeze!

Plus you’ll also get 30 days of unlimited email support to answer any questions as you transition and grow.

You take your work as a coach seriously and you want to put your best self forward.

A Template Website helps you do that by:

+ Allowing you to choose a design that fits you, your goals, and your ideal clients, so that when they arrive at your site, they feel a connection right away.

+ Giving you tools that ALL coaching businesses need to have in place to begin growing an email list of clients.

+ Supporting you by making it easy to maintain and edit your site content as you need.

kylie Malcolm wellness websites
beautiful health websites
nutrition website design template
Karen Kelly - karenkellywellnesscom

Feel proud to show your website off

Your website can be ready in as little as 7 days!

Get online and exude professionalism as you proudly share your new coaching website with the world.

Get started today!



From the moment you pay, you will get instant access to your on-boarding process which include getting started videos, workbooks and guides. This means there is little to no time wastage on getting started on your website.

All our websites require you to fill out online forms to submit your content which saves automatically if you need to come back to it. For each website there are 3 digital workbooks to fill out as you progress into your content. They also come with a printable or digital guide to help you fill it in, not to forget step by step tutorials. 

Once we have your forms, we'll get started on your website design. We'll always email you or reach out if there is missing information or something we aren't sure of!

Design your logo - First, we design your logo if you don't have one already. You choose your design based on a template, fill in the logo workbook and we will get to work on it for you. This is a basic text only logo. 

Craft up your content - Next you get your copy together for your website. The words and message you want to say to the world. Our workbooks guide you on what goes where to make it an easy process. The sites are all based on a template so it's easy! (Well, with the exception of bespoke websites, we custom design those.) Submit your workbooks and you are done!

Design begins! - We then start working on your website design once we have all the content to get started. If we have questions along the way, we'll email you and ask. We'll also let you know if your content doesn't quite work so you can tweak it and come back to us. 

Final checks and testing - We go through a final check, changes and testing to make sure the website works exactly as it should and we go live for the world to see. Your business is ready! At any time during the process, we can schedule calls or chat over email to stay in touch for maximum effect. Each website template design comes with ONE ROUND of changes. 


Every single website design includes the following:

+ Free Ebook/Guide - prewritten for you and designed to build your mailing list and subscribers. We have a range of topics to choose from: 5 Days to better health, Business planning toolkit, 5 food to fuel your workout, Stress reduction guide and so many more! 

+ Scheduler/Calender - for visitors to book in a free call with you so that you can have more connections through your online efforts. We recommend Calendly, Acuity Scheduling and Practice Better (all of which have a free plan)

+ Blog & Articles - A page dedicated to your blog or articles. You'll also get 3 done for you and pre-written blog posts added to your site to kick start your online presence. 

+ Tutorials for success - We include video tutorials and guides on how to maintain your site, add content, edit content and keep it up to date!

Each website design template is different, so please refer to each specific design to see how many pages and the type of content included. 

DFY means DONE FOR YOU. You get to choose an ebook topic  that is professionally designed and written as a way to build your mailing list and subscriber count.

We have 12+ different ebooks and guides that Kylie has personally written for coaches. These vary in topics such as general health, niche health, business strategy, fitness, gut health and more!

Have your own? That's fine! We have many coaches who bring their own ebooks or other done-for-you products. You can just upload it to your ebook workbook so we can set it up for you on your site and create a 3D mockup for you. 

  1. We are perfecting your logo if you have a custom logo OR
  2. We are waiting on a couple things from you

Outside of that, the process happens pretty quickly to get you up and running. Most of our clients average 7 days after content has been received but we have some clients who get their content together pretty quickly after purchase. 

We don't start on your website until we have all your completed forms. This enables us to get your website done with focused intent instead of stopping and starting. You wouldn't want to stop and start with your coaching clients would you?

You'll also get email support for 30 days. 

If you need help on making adjustments to your site we charge $30 an hour. 

You can pre-purchase a number of licenses for your nutrition school students, copywriting course students, health coaching business students or business mentoring course. This means that you can get 10+ websites at a cheaper rate to include as part of your business offering.

Get in touch with Kylie directly at for more information on this and pricing levels. 

Absolutely! Check out our bespoke website design packages here - VIEW BESPOKE PACKAGES

Cool! We have a ton more answers! 

On each template or website design package page there are FAQ for those in addition to deeper FAQ HERE ON THIS PAGE

Still after all those q&a, if you need more info, we suggest you head over to our private FB group to ask questions or fill out the contact form HERE

Coaches who love our website templates

health coach website

Anna Dupree

Holistic Health Coach

Kylie and her team are true professionals and experts at what they do. Their work is always impeccable and exceeds my expectations every time. They're easy to work with and know how to take care of their clients. I highly recommend Kylie and her team for your next website.

coaching website

Laura McClain

Holistic Health Coach

Kylie and her team are fabulous. I had a problem with the free website upload and editing. Contacted Kylie on FB and within a few minutes Kylie and Team were on it. It took a bit of time but they got the problem fixed. Kylie and Jave went above and beyond to make sure I was up and running again. Thank you both so VERY MUCH.

website design templates health

Melissa C

Health & Wellness Coach

When I started to think about creating a website for my health coaching business, I was overwhelmed and confused. I had a bunch of ideas but wasn't sure how to get started which kept me from moving forward. Then I came across Kylie's website and seriously went down the rabbit hole reviewing all the different website templates that were offered and all the other fun material that is available to build your business. I am so happy with the outcome of my website and can't wait to launch my business. I am also extremely thankful for Kylie's team that made the entire experience seamless and fun along the way. They were super easy to work with, quick to respond to any of my questions and very friendly.

health coach website

Karen Kelly

Certified Health Coach

Wow! I found the whole process of creating my website with Kylie and the team really easy! The workbooks laid out the content they needed and I just had to fill in the blanks. Any changes or updates required during the process were updated right away for my review. I love the final result and would definitely recommend Kylie and her team to anyone else.

health coach content club

Lisa Gibson

Certified Health Coach

I can't say enough about how patient Kylie and Jave were with me during the process of my logo and website design. The time and effort they both put in went above and beyond my expectations. I'm so happy with my site and truly appreciate the process now that I've gone through it to completion. You can really tell that they love what they do and that they want their clients to be completely satisfied! Thanks so much Kylie and Team!

coaching website review

Mary Newman

Certified Health Coach

Kylie and her team were great! As a complete novice, having a website felt completely overwhelming at first. However, the step by step videos and supportive team guided me each step of the way and kept me making progress. Now I have a beautiful website that I can't wait to promote! I have no idea how this would have ever gotten done without them.

You started your business so you could coach people and help them transform their lives.

Not so that you could fight with coaching website design.

A Template Website ends the DIY struggle, gives you a site you are PROUD to show off and allows you to upscale your presence without breaking the bank. We do all the heavy lifting for you! 

Payment Plan Available on the FULL Website Template Design when you checkout

Want to see the templates? 

Click on each one below to get access to the demo site for each template.


Schedule a free chat with Kylie!

There are a limited number of calls each week for free website chats. If you aren't sure which package or template, simply book in a time to speak with Kylie on her calendar today. Please remember that Kylie helps coaches all over the world so calendar times are open at different times for different timezones. Can't find a time? Just send us an email, we'll try and book you in manually.

Talk to you soon!